A selection of my favorite fashion design projects. Click on each one to see the full project including process, fabrics, mood, lineups, and technical flats.

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Cracked Structures

For this collection I found inspiration in cities. I looked at both beauty of their tall linear structures along with the crumbling, deteriorating foundations that they stand on. I wanted to combine both of those aspects into one collection. The bold lines and geometric shapes in the garments represent that clean structural idea of a city, while the hanging sleeves, safety pins, and loose stitches show the part of the city that is barely staying together and could fall apart at any moment.

*CFDA Scholarship Award Finalist*


Strength From Structure

This is an activewear collection inspired by the body and lines. I used a process of drawing continuous contour line drawings of bones to create silhouettes and style lines. The human body created the designs of the garments that will assist women in making their bodies stronger and better - strength from structure.

*Nominated for Joe’s Blackbook Competition*



I have a fascination with things that are altered, broken, or edited in some way. This collection is inspired by those visual disruptions as well as social disruption. As a snowboarder myself, I am aware of the social disruption that snowboarding made to the winter sports industry. I combined my inspiration from snowboarding culture through silhouettes and fabric choices with literal disruptions through fabric manipulation techniques.


A selection of other projects including footwear, fashion, accessories, and marketing. Click on each one to see the full project.



An active footwear collection that combines the things I love about both natural and urban environments. I drew a little from my past of living in the country, being close to nature and used aspects that I love from that. I also brought in the elements that fascinate me from cities, where I see myself living in the future.



A story based activewear lookbook project that I produced along with a team of other students for a fashion marketing class.

A girl is mugged on her way home from work one night and is unable to defend herself. In order to cope, she begins training to get stronger and to fight. Through the journey she finds a new strength and confidence in herself that she never knew she had



This served as my final project for Advanced Fashion Sketching. I based the collection around contemporary street artists, primarily Banksy.



A collection inspired by the Tristan Fourtine Collection of geodes in the Villa Datris Foundation for Contemporary Sculpture in L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, France.


Ride or Die

A collection of snowboarding apparel that was inspired by both traditional arctic and snowboarding cultures and of the bold graphics on snowboards themselves.



For this project I was given a customer profile and had to build a brand and accessory collection around them. I developed a brand backstory, packaging and store design as well as a 10 piece resort collection consisting of bags, shoes and small leather goods.



Handbags that I have designed and handmade.

“Roots” by José Parlá

Inspired by José Parlá's exhibit Roots at the SCAD Museum of Art. A collection small collection of bags and shoes.